My Journey To Fitness and a Healthier Life.

Jun 9, 2021

 by Adefisayo Ayomide

As a life-long Texan, our state and local community have shaped me into the coach I am today.   From early childhood, athletics and sports have always been an enormous part of my life, teaching me many lessons like how important it is to be a team member and how to persevere. Sports and fitness also taught me   how much nutrition contributes to performing better.

All of these lessons I’ve accumulated in my life helped me to overcome my biggest challenge. 

I had a good childhood growing up with 2 parents and a brother surrounded by other close family members across Texas.  We traveled, often camping, and exploring state and national parks.  I was involved in clubs and youth sports, but then  things changed in high school.  I started drinking and partying to make me feel better about myself in high school. I did not understand how that would lead to me making poor choices. I didn't understand that soon I would have to pay for my poor decisions.  I thought I would be an exception.  

My life was not what I wanted it to be., I finished high school but was lost, and not proud of myself, still making poor decisions.  Change had to happen! A friend introduced me to a 12-step program.  I found light by working these steps and making a new pathway for myself! I conditioned myself to love myself more, trusting the process, and having faith. Exercising was a huge part of my success, I learned that no matter what my problem was exercising and wellness would typically make things better.

It was not easy, but those years transformed my life, and gave me the ability to RELATE and CONNECT with most anyone!


As part of that process, one of my favorite lessons learned was identifying  my passion – serving others!.   Once I had the "ah-ha" moment of serving people and coaching, I knew this is what I would do for the rest of my life.  And that is exactly what I have done! I find so much joy in other's success., I love sharing wins with others.  My personal experiences help me help others, and i have developed one of my favorite sayings “ LIVE LIFE THROUGH ACTIVITY!” 


 While this may not be your struggle, I can empathize with you and help you through the process. Your struggle may be exercise or it may be unhealthy eating, we all have challenges!


I understand you want nothing more than to turn your life around when it comes to health and fitness. Let me show you how my step-by-step system can be applied to ANYONE's life, no matter the current state. For over two decades, I have helped my clients get into shape, physically and mentally, and I'm ready to help you also.

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