01/31/2023 - September 2020

September 2020 Workouts

August 31    
8/31 9/1 9/2 9/3 9/4
AMRAP 7:00 3 Rounds: With a partner: 4 Rounds: 3:00 Row OR 3:00 Bike
10 Band Goodmornings 3 Inchwom Push-ups AMRAP 8:00 5 KB Swings- Light then... 2 Rounds:
10 Glute Bridges 10 Downward dog to Low lunges* Partner 1 Rows 5 Goblet Squats 10 TRX/ Ring Rows
10 Cal Row 10 Fire Hydrants each leg* Partner 2 complete: 10 Sit-ups, 10 Ring/TRX Rows, 10 Ring/TRX Chest Flys 20 Double/Single Unders 10 Push-ups
Band goodmornings: https://youtu.be/fjI2r04NcbU 10 Cal Bike Switch when partner finishes reps 20 sec Active Bar Hang 10 Rolling Scorpions*
Single Leg RDL Hold Balistic Kettlebell hold Handstand Hold on wall 2 sets with band: 2 sets of 6 Dumbbell High Rows each arm Bent over Trap 3 Raise with 2.5 or 5lb Change plates
2 sets of 30 sec/leg 2 sets of 20 sec hold 10 Face Pulls* + 10 Pull-Backs Hold the top of each rep for 3 seconds 45 Seconds each arm
https://youtu.be/x_3he9iBerc *For those not comfortable/ Unable yet, 20 sec Box Pike Hold   https://youtu.be/WzKuFpIM5sI https://youtu.be/tarksGm8WE0
Strength: Deadlift Conditioning: Strength: Chin-up (underhand grip pull-up) Conditioning: Body Building:
Find Heavy 3 Rep Touch n' Go 5 rounds: 4 to 5 sets of 8-10 reps 5 rounds for time Tri-set: 3 sets
  2:00 AMRAP of -Scale up by holding dummbell between legs or using a weight belt 20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches 45/35 Bent over Barbell Rows x 12-15 reps
Conditioning: "IF-23" 3 Sets of Dumbbell Macho Man -Scale down by using a band to assist 30 Air Squats Dumbbell Chest Flys x 12-15 reps
4 Rounds for time: Max Cal Bike in remaining time Conditioning: 40 Double unders/ 80 Single unders Dumbbell alternating Curls x12-15 reps/arm
23 Wall Balls 20/15 Rest 2:00 between AMRAPS With a Partner, Row 5,000m    
17 Push ups   Switching every 500m, Partner not rowing must do:   Conditioning: AMRAP 8:00
11 Kipping Pull-ups "Macho Man"= 3 Power cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 Shoulder to overheads AMRAP until partners switch:   5 Burpees Box Jumps
  Go hard and all out in the 2 min 5 "No push-up" Burpees, 10 Ball Slams, 15 Sit-ups   10 Alt. Single leg V-ups
3 min bike easy pace Pigeon Stretch- 2 min/side Thoracic rig Stretch- 2min Rig Hinge and Twist Stretch- 1 min/side Thread the needle Stretch- 1 min/side
  https://youtu.be/tYY-cqNjuVA https://youtu.be/9aJ-lH6iOC4 https://youtu.be/PpevTnGCIcE https://youtu.be/9t3_kit2n7Q
Looking for touch n go deadlifts, need to hang onto the bar and control the down Downward Dog to Low Lunge: https://youtu.be/bbINCXlFTw4 No Push-up Burpee Looking for a sustainable pace across all 5 rounds Rolling Scorpion: https://youtu.be/mS0eD-ggg6Y
  Fire Hydrants: https://youtu.be/9gU_57jEDn0 https://youtu.be/5Fmj9FZR9eI    
  For the conditioning segment, split the class into 2 or 3 groups and have the time set to go off ever 2 min Face Pulls: https://youtu.be/odocy4geyBc   Rest about one minute between movements and sets for the bodybuilding today
  The goal is to SPRINT the 2:00, as hard of an effort as possible Pull-backs:   Tough effort on the conditioning today
  Enjoy the earned long rest and try to repeat the effort again, goal is same amount of cals on the bike https://youtu.be/hh0hABO25Ig    
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